Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye

CD released May 2000 on the Cockaigne label through Shock Records. Also issued on Cooking Vinyl in the UK in 2001.
Recorded at Adelphia, the Ponderosa
Mixed at St Ives
Produced by Clare Moore and Dave Graney
All sessions engineered and mixed by Adam Rhodes
Mastered at Sing Sing by Ross Cockle
Artwork and photography by Tony Mahony

Available in an expanded edition at itunes- 2015

Kiss tomorrow goodbye" consists of six tracks we recorded with the Dave Graney Show live to hard disc in a factory shell/ rehearsal room and seven tracks cooked up by Clare and myself in our own studio. Both sessions were engineered and mixed by the same person, Adam Rhodes,who did the same job on our last cd. The "band tracks" were all songs we had been playing live for the previous year or so.
The surrounding environment was Johnston street and Smith street in Fitzroy/ Collingwood.
The other tracks were arranged and re arranged over a longer period but the actual commitment of vocals and guitar (very minimal) to the disc was done over a two day period. The surrounding environment was fern trees, possums and parrots.
Everything was mixed in a studio in the part of Melbourne that Barry Humphries rhapsodises about, Glen Iris and Wattle Park. The studio came with an art deco swimming pool and we adjourned for a barbecue each night. This mixing period took about seven days.

2020 reflections....I called this "brandy flavoured funk". It came after the strange , soft debacle that had been working with Festival records. That venture damaged the reputations of so many people involved. We gave them a great album (the Dave Graney show), one of our best. No one was really listening to music there was the basic problem. Some of these songs were actually demoed for a 2nd release on that label but we walked in the meantime. Weird time. I guess everything after 1998 was feeling the effects of the new technology. It promised a lot and delivered all the studio situations to the artists- via computers. We had really jumped to it. Clare and I worked on half of this album on a computer and a keyboard and guitar- just like the previous one- and also had a band to bring the other songs to life. In retrospect I like the keyboard generated stuff a lot more. "Vengeance is on its way", "Death by a thousand sucks" and "I need some scratch". Its a bit of a damaged disc. Touched by the madness and fevers of the times. It got released in the UK on Cooking Vinyl. We toured with Clare on keys and Stu Perera on electric guitar and me on acoustic. I got lung sick in Paris. Dark times.

Fave lyrics...."my music is heavy / it's all bent out of shape and lies in the middle of the floor I'm out of the picture
there's nothin I can do to bring it to its senses / I open my mouth / my sound is dense
I'm movin so slow people come up and trip me over / cos they can / I need some scratch
the more I struggle the tighter the rope gets / the deeper I sink into the black sand
I'm dreamin' / I've been a fool
it wasn't always the case / I loved to bullshit and let the sounds fly / crazy and rootless like a cloud above my head
I used to be the one that cried wolf and ran
" (I need some scratch)




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As for the content and flavour of the music. We had spent most of 1999 playing Every Wednesday at the Nightcat in Melbourne and had taken the opportunity to stretch out over a wide range of tracks. We really grew to look forward to each others company and were thrilled to be lucky enough to be, once again, in a band that was experiencing play and experimentation. I had thought that my songwriting may have been falling into predictable patterns so I asked everybody to come up with some music that I could put some words to. Clare Moore came up with "don't be true" (which also became her first ever lead vocal on a record) , Bill Miller obliged with "mind full of leather" and Adele came up with "you're on your own,now". Stuart Perera came up with too much stuff just as the deadline rushed passed, next time for him.
In general , I wanted to make a record that was "black, blue and bruised". It was going to be tough and to the point. Our last cd ,"the Dave graney Show", had been a virtual concept album about the music business. The record before that, "the Devil Drives", had been a virtual concept album about music. (Even a person with only the faintest interest in the music business would have noticed the number of record companies shrinking over the previous couple of years as the corporate mania for conglomeration and takeovers continued at a great pace.) Being a musician has always been a precarious existence, like being tossed about in a small tin dinghy out in the middle of a huge ocean swell. I've found it impossible to look past all this furious energy to write about the world beyond the high seas . In my mind, I've been writing songs about life aboard the ship for ages now, from "robert ford on the stage" to Night of the wolverine" to "rock'n'roll is where I hide" to "death by a thousand sucks".) I wanted to make a kind of blues album. The words I had in my mind for this record were "noir" and "hard boiled". Over that past seven years I had been really into "exotic ", "latin", and "jazz" flavoured music. Every time I went into a vinyl store now (1999/2000) I searched the hard rock section. Johnny Winter, Lynyrd Skynyrd , Bad Company, the Blue Oyster Cult and John Martyn were at the top of my charts. Clare was into expressing herself completely and not letting Sad Sacks cramp her style in any way. The other big influence of course was the new technology. This hard disc recording was, strangely enough, making it more possible to bring the experience of making music closer to your everyday life and more spontaneous in general. We'd recorded "night of the wolverine " in one day and I was always confused why it had never been so easy to do that again. With this record, we wanted to make it easy for ourselves. The band was drilled and ready to rock . Everybody was "on the one". Too easy. Hard boiled? This is a twenty minute egg.


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