The Dames are Clare Moore on drums, songs and vocals and Kaye-Louise Patterson on keys, songs and vocals. Rosie Westbrook played bass.
Their debut self titled album has been mixed by acclaimed, award winning icon of UK post punk and 90s film funk music BARRY ADAMSON. Barry being an old friend of Clare Moore’s since her days in the Moodists and his in Magazine and the first lineup of Bad Seeds.
Clare Moore plays and has played with Dave Graney for many years - from the Moodists to the Coral Snakes and now the mistLY – with her debut solo cd “the third woman” released on Chapter Music in 2002 and “liquor”, her disc of a double set opposed to Dave Graney’s “hashish” in 2005 - and now the DAMES. Clare Moore also plays with the Ukeladies and Harry Howard and the NDE and has been involved in writing and recording for film and tv. Being nominated for an ARIA for “the soundtrack to the movie BAD EGGS” in 2003.

Her songs are very much studio constructions and include a paen to “Eve”, the female character in the tv show IRONSIDE and also “the Groosalugg”, a character from Joss Whedons tv show, "ANGEL". She plays drums, keys and vibes on the album.
On "Eve" ( a tribute to the female character from the tv show "IRONSIDE"), "the Groosalugg" and "junktime" she plays every instrument.

Kaye Louise Patterson also writes songs for the DAMES. Her background includes playing with Jeff Williams as part of Acuffs Rose. Pioneers of alt country before any other wagons set up in that part of the prairie. She also released her brilliant solo album, "INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL" in 2006. Missing the camaraderie of a band, she hooked up with Moore and BAM! The DAMES was born! Her songs are very much piano trio based and include an instrumental tribute to DUDLEY MOORE and an epic tribute to a little known paradise of evergreen forests and sailing boats called “California”. Two of her songs. "5468" and "Dudley" are instrumental tracks.

album available at Bandcamp either as a digital download or cd here

Track Listing...
All Mine (moore)
Wait (patterson)
Eve (moore)
Dudley (patterson)
Auntie Aviator (beverley martyn)
English life (patterson)
the Groosalugg (moore/thomas)
5468 (patterson)
Canyon (patterson)
Junktime (graney/moore)

***songs listed in BOLD are sung by clare moore.

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The cover image is by Tony Mahony, who has produced pretty much every album cover for graney and moore since the "lure of the tropics" in 1992.




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A video for the song "ALL MINE" has been filmed by film makers Donna McRae (JOHNNY GHOST) and Michale Vale (le chien que fume) . The film makers devised a set inspired partly by noir film and partly by surrealist photographs.