Once I Loved the Torn Ocean’s Roar’ TRACK BY TRACK

1 We're Here to Go (Demo)
A song that was eventually recorded and released in 1994. Title taken from a quote  from the BEAT writer Brion Gysin “ what are we here for? We are here to go!”
2 I'm Gonna Release Your Soul
Acoustic guitar and vocal demo for a song that was eventually released in 1994. The chords were really meant for an Al Green type of groove. The lyric was inspired by a  line from an old cowboy song called “Wild Bill Jones”. It said “I pulled the trigger of my gun and I released Wild Bills soul…”
3 A New Life in a New Town (87 demo)
After the Moodists finished in late ’86 or early ’87 I started to breathe in a  lot more music and demoed some songs with a friend in London. Playing acoustic guitar which I had bought from Robert Forster for 20 quid and enjoying the freedom of life outside a band.
4 I Want You Back (Demo)  
The chords of this eventually ended up in a song called “Villainy” which was released in 1999.
5 You Wanna Be Loved (Demo) 04:15
Acoustic guitar and vocal, recorded and released with the Coral Snakes later in 1994. My songs were always pretty complete, I had a lot of ideas banked up.
6 I'm Not Afraid to Be Heavy (demo) 04:30
Major sevenths to the fore! Later recorded in 1995 for the Soft ’n’ Sexy Sound.
7 You Ain't No Country Song (demo)
Re-recorded and released as more of a duet with Clare Moore as an extra track on a single in 1995.
8 Dandies Are Never Unbuttoned 05:57
The original conception of the song that appeared on The Soft ’n’ Sexy Sound in 1995. Not much changed.
9 You Wanna Be There but You don’t wanna travel
A very early demo – guitar and vocal sung to a cassette player.
10 Deep Inside a Song (Demo)
This was demoed a couple of times and later appeared on The Soft ’n’ Sexy Sound in 1995.
11 The Dolphins (87 Demo
After the Moodists finished I sat around and took in a lot of music. Fred Neil and his electric, East Coast, folk rock sound gave me some sparks of direction. Seemed more abstract, urban and blue collar than the West Coast James Taylor style.
12 The Birds and the Goats
The demo of song that later appeared on The Soft ’n’ Sexy Sound in 1995. Not much changed, down to the low note at the beginning. I was thinking of the bent note at the start of the “happy Trails” album by The Quicksilver Messenger Service.
13 The Pre Revolutionary Scene
Demo of  the song that appeared on The Soft ’n’ Sexy Sound in 1995. Seventh chords and a lyric about working people in jobs that paid the bills but not the spirit.
14 The Extraordinary (Demo)
Unreleased. An instrumental, just starting to bust out of the major seventh chords into sixths and 9ths and flat 5s. There was a dopey “Ripleys or Not” style show on tv at the time called THE EXTRAORDINARY!.
15 World Full of Daughters  (87 demo)
This was recorded and reappeared on the first recordings with the Coral Snakes on Fire Records in the UK  in 1988. Very JG Ballard influenced. I loved minor seventh chords for their shimmering open qualities.
16 Daddy Was a Clown (Demo)
Demo song for a female singer. I saw my future as a songwriter more than a performer. #### Only on the itunes version.
17 It's Between Times (87 Demo)
The first demo of this song. On a four track tape machine in London in 1987, could have been earlier. Mark Fitzgibbon helped, I’m sure but there’s not much keyboards going on. The lyric was an attempt to put James M Cains “the Postman Always Rings Twice” into a song.

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picture by Kristyn Jones- Mt Gambier 2011

Once I Loved The Torn Ocean's Roar - 80s/90s Demos Vol 2 - dave graney - COCKAIGNE - digital only album at itunes and Bandcamp.

Once I Loved the Torn Ocean’s Roar is a collection of demo recordings from 1987 to the early 90s. We came out of the underworld in 1993 with Night Of The Wolverine and I went on a tv show and in response to a question about what I was to do next boasted that I didn’t need to write any more songs and that I had a drawer full of them.  It was true. I had stuff to burn for a decade.

These songs are raw and rough. Mostly the first time I’d ever sung any of them. I never wanted to be a guitar playing songwriter. I wanted to stand there with a  band and sing.

The title of the collection comes from a line in Byrons “Childe Harolds Pilgrimage".

photo taken by Kristyn Jones in Mt Gambier SA 2011


has been a  very retrospective year. Shows with our 90s band the Coral Snakes around Australia, The idea to release these demos came when I uncovered them while looking for some tracks for a CREATION records collection that was going to include some Moodists songs. I found these songs I’d written and recorded just after that time. It seemed to tell an interesting story
The Moodists released a 12' single on Creation in 1985. Three songs were on it.
"Justice and Money too", "You got your story" and "Take Us All Home".
These songs appear as a part of this four disc box, along with four tracks from the second BBC John peel session we did. We recorded "Justice and Money Too", "Take The Red Carpet Out Of Town", "Other Man" and "Bullet Train". These are all also included.

The band was a four piece, Dave Graney, Clare Moore, Steve Miller and Chris Walsh.
When asked whether we had any more tracks from the period , I found some tapes with a recording of us doing a version of the Shangri Las "Train from Kansas City" with Clare Moore on vocals and a version of the then very rare Glen Campbell/Brian Wilson track "I Guess I'm Dumb". This recording is all shimmering reverbed guitars, no bass as Chris Walsh had left by this time. There was also an unreleased song called "The Day They All Woke Up".
I wrote a blog about this CREATION period here.

We had already re-release Night Of The Wolverine as an expanded edition via itunes. For this release we included some demo tracks for the album that I had found.

Night Of the Wolverine
Thats the Way Its Gonna Be
I Remember You
You need To Suffer
You're Just Too Hip Baby
Night Of The Wolverine (Moss Side)

For the Bandcamp release, the demos songs that had been intended for other artists (at the time) were also included.
These were,

Daddy was a Clown
I walked with a Saint

Somewhere in the world (covered by Tex Perkins)
I'm gonna live my life (covered by lisa Miller)

dave graney - night of the wolverine demos/early 90s songwriter demos

Seven songs recorded in 1991 on a 4 track cassette that eventually ended up on the album, Night Of The Wolverine, which was recorded in a weekend late in 1992.
The other songs were recorded around the same time. Dave Graney felt hollowed out after the failure to geet the album I Was The Hunter and I Was The Prey out. (Recorded in London with the original Coral Snakes in 1990. It eventually came out in 1992 on Fire Records in the UK).
The idea of gathering another head of steam or bunch of songs as strong as that seemed impossible and Dave thought his future lay in being a songwriter for other artists.The last four of these songs were intended to be sung by a female. "I walked with a Saint" and "I'm gonna live my life" which was eventually covered by Lisa Miller.
"Somewhere in the world" was recorded by Tex Perkins for his debut solo album, "Far be it from me" in 1996.

Dave Graney, acoustic guitar and vocals. Clare Moore , vibes on "I'm gonna live my life". Matt Heydon , keys on "Mogambo" "I walked with a saint" and "thats the way it's gonna be".
Mostly recorded on a 4 track cassette recorder at live sound engineer Ted Hamilton's house in Richmond, Victoria.

Cover image is a shot taken by Tony Mahony at his East St Kilda flat around the time the Night Of The Wolverine album cover was shot.


Night of the Wolverine
You need to suffer
that's the way it's gonna be
you're just too hip, baby
Iremember you
night of the wolverine (Moss Side)
I'm gonna live my life
Daddy was a clown
I walked with a Saint
Somewhere in the world



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