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The Postman Always Rings Twice (2013 release)

A song more than a little inspired by the famous first novel by James M Cain (1934) and the (1946) film of the same name starring Lana Turner and John Garfield.
Dave Graney made a demo version of this song in 1987, as he embarked on a post Moodists career .
The song was eventually recorded in 1998 as “between times” for the Dave Graney Show cd. Dave Graney had always thought it best to hide his stash of obsessions and that to call the song after the book and the film would be too distracting for people to experience the song itself. Now he’s restoring it. This is kind of a a “directors cut”.
Dave Graney plays acoustic and electric guitar, along with Stuart Perera from their band , the mistLY. Clare Moore sings and plays keys, percussion and bass xylophone.
Dave Graney has always been influenced by hard boiled crime literature and street language.
The Postman Always Rings Twice is an expression of a long ride on those deep swells.



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I’m a Commander (2013 remake)
This is a remake of a song that featured on our 1998 album “the dave graney show”. Here it is recast in acoustic 12 string guitars strummed by dave graney against a brave and mad rush of vibes and bass xylophone (wooden blocks/keys like a marimba) played by longtime collaborator clare moore. “the song was inspired by a dream I had where the artist- the musician was a great and powerful person – like say Napoleon and he was drilling his forces and about to fight a great battle. He tells the record company to get in line and the radio stations that “they are now in uniform- enjoy yourself while you can!”
dave graney
I’m a commander (2013 remake) is a digital only single and is available now…..





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I’m not the guy I tried to be (2013 remake)

This is a remake of a song that closed the 2012 album “you’ve been in my mind” by dave graney and the mistLY. Here it is recast in acoustic 6 and 12 string guitars strummed by dave graney against a sweet rush of vibes and bass xylophone (wooden blocks/keys like a marimba) played by longtime collaborator clare moore. “the song was inspired by something Willie Nelson said at a show once. The groove is loping JJ Cale. I like to have another shot at some songs, just to see how it flies with different fins on…The radio was full of adult country pop when I was a kid. Add this one to the pile.
dave graney
I’m not the guy I tried to be (2013 remake) is a digital only single and is available now…..


2012 one-off digital single available via itunes
or the full quaity AIFF via bandcamp
If there was a town
If there was a city
If there was a world worth lordin’ it over
I would be there ignoring one and all
Cool as spreading fern
King of the dudes
Deep in imperial splendour
You can call me king of the dudes
I sit under the cool canopy of a perfumed tree
Sippin licorice tea
I shun the trouble of conversation
The displeasure of memory
The vanity of thought
I would be there ignorin’ one and all
King of the dudes
Ah yeah
Cool as spreadin fern
Derangement of the body and mind?
I would know the race!
Hypocritical politeness
Slavery of civilization
Spirituous liquors excite only disgust
I would be there ignorin’ one and all
King of the dudes



I played electric and acoustic guitar and pressed play on the rhythm machine. I recorded the rhythm track after I'd done all the guitars and set it to the tempo of the click track. It’s a 90s electro groove that I recorded with effects and cut it up and used fills to vary it here and there. I am no expert at that sort of stuff and seemed to get lucky.
I bounced the whole rhythm track through a tape simulator with lots of slap delay, wow and flutter and noise dialled in to give it some weirdness and grit and then used that as a stereo track again. I then put some of those elements back in without all the delay to get some punchiness back in to the mix.
The lyric was written ages ago. A long time ago. I have a folder of scribbled and printed pages called “old shit?” I found it scribbled on a crumbled up page. “King of the dudes”. I added a few lines here and there.
It was inspired by a fellow called Evander Berry Wall who was known as “king of the dudes”.


I read a lot about those late 19th century American robber baron types. I found them fascinating as they were so far from my world. From a time when the super rich paid no taxes and were laws unto themselves. Diamond Jim Brady, the Pittsburgh Millionaires, Lucius Beebe, The Gettys, the Vanderbilts, the Hearsts. They seemed exotic and comedic. Ridiculous. Now that kind of super rich class is back in town. All over the world. So the title seemed to have some juice to it.As a handle.

The song is more about being away from the world. Being a writer and an observer and feeling powerful, having the right to call out and name everything in sight. Away from the numbers. Of course, you have to rejoin the fray eventually- the social world.


The image on the accompanying digital sleeve came from a photobooth machine that was at a party given by Vivian Lees where we were the house band playing some r&b tunes early in 2011.

I put it all together in January 2012. At the same time we were rehearsing and cutting an album which will be coming out mid year. Its called "you've been in my mind". Its a two guitar,bass and drums set. Nothing like this single. Coming out in June. The album is a great set.Super punchy and direct.12 songs. All but one recorded on the first day- the band was so hot. With Idge in at Soundpark. The best studio and studio guy in melbourne. Did the 12th song the next day and then all the vocals. Not so much layering on the album, just the band in the room. I love it!

There are some of the demos I did for the songs on the disc as well. Those were put down by just myself and Clare Moore.