you've been in my mind


Released on Cockaigne , June 2012.


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blues negative
I didn’t wake up this mornin’
my woman was there
herself, as ever
blues negative
I was on an island
I wasn’t robinson crusoe there, hah
I didn’t wake up this mornin’
blues negative
one thing didn’t lead to another
that sort of flow had stopped a while ago
nothing was suspended
everything was set

flash in the pantz
I’m a man, I reach for a hammer first
and if that fails, that fails
we’ll gather up the pieces and stare at them a while
we could’ve waited but we don’t wait
we don’t wait
if it moves, bash it forward
always seems to be a good idea
flash in the pantz
I’m a man , I do the seein’
you’re lookin’ at me! I see you lookin’ at me
you don’t see me lookin’ at you
I’m a man, I do the seein’
and the lookin’
if it moves, bash it forward
always seems to be a good idea
flash in the pantz
I’m a man
I’m a man
flash in the pantz

field record me
put me in the picture, give me a page
put me in a place and time where you can find me
pin me down and forget me
field record me
make me real
treat me as if I was here
field record me
put on your coat with many pockets and stick that pipe in your mouth
and approach me sensitively in my world
field record me
field record me
treat me like a golden bug
and you’ve had the mad luck to be here

we need a champion
we need help, someone from outside
someone who can see us
we’re so close
we can’t see each other
we’re knockin’ each other up
we need help
someone from outside
oh we’re blind and full of badness
bad blood, bad sweat
makin’ some bad scenes for the hell of it
we need a champion
we ain't got no slack
we ain't got no scratch
we ain't got no rope
we ain't got no background
we ain't got no time
we ain't got no depth
we ain't got no height
we ain't got no room
we're so close we can't see each other
you don't know what I'm doin'
what if I could do it to you?
whatever it was that you were wantin me to do?
we need a champion


I dont wanna know myself
say I see myself walking down the street
I dont wanna know myself
say you tell me somethin’ I’m supposed to have done or said
I dont wanna know myself
then I can keep doin’ the things I like anyway
I don’t wanna stop the car and get out and walk
this is a rough neighbourhood
yeah I was blind
yeah I was drunk and stupid to begin with, yeah
why would I wanna spend time with a guy like that?
left to my own devices I break down to an ape-like state
I turn around as you walk through the door and
get my stuff together from somewhere
I look at you and take it from there
I dont wanna know myself
I don’t wanna know myself
no others shall I bear
not even me
I wanna travel light
I don’t wanna know myself

cop this ,sweetly
somebody's gotta be somebody, sorry
somebody's gotta be somebody, sorry
cop this, sweetly
everybody! anzaciacally supposed
don't worry, I feel that we're among strangers here
dandiacally opposed
cop this, sweetly
the leviathon ! hi!
the leviathan! beside us! always!
I’m talkin’ bout the good times!
before they climbed into our brains!
nobodys gotta be nobody no more no
nobodys gotta be nobody
cop this, sweetly

pic tony mahony

life’s a dream
life’s a dream you wake up in
and every day you try to piece it together
a spotlight on a deep stage
sometimes movement in the darkness all around you
life’s a dream you keep trying to return to
to grasp, just out of reach
something you just can’t remember
life’s a dream you wake up in
and you try to remember where you are
I guess one day all the lights will stay out and you’ll go back to sleep
and there’s all this stuff that’s collected
suddenly in your way
all the furniture keeps being moved (hey what are all these people doin’ in my room?)
there’s all this stuff about you
stuff you’ve done
life’s a dream you wake up in
lifes’ a dream you wake up in
and you try to remember where you are
lifes a dream you wake up in
and every day you try to piece it together

playin’ chicken
gas. yeah. I blew out. myself
over stretched, all around my world
blind to myself
I know you can’t see me except in this song.
“ chicken song” I’ve heard it called
the only one that took with people
within these 4 walls , you know me, outside I ride free again
somethin about this song
the chords sounded like somethin’ huge
playin chicken
in the traffic with sunglasses and a cane. closing my eyes
people say “do it again”, “why can’t you?”
I know I leave the situation hangin’
walk out of the room while you’re talkin’ to me
playin’ chicken
I know. I’m sure you can’t see me. not here
inside this particular song. This certain song.
the chords sounded huge. forever expanding.
I was headin’ in the other direction. hurtling down
into the colours of the room.
eventually I was only here in this certain song.
outside I don’t exist.
playin’ chicken

midnight cats
you wake up, you know something’s in your flux,
behind the background, your essential noise.
under your skin like midnight cats, movin’, pissin’ somewhere in your dreams.
my mind is strangely pleased and full of play and fur and walks up and down
licks its own arse and stares happily into existence itself.
some of these shapes and moves made it here before me, before I existed. they were already here at the end of the road. they don’t care if they never get home.
midnight cats
I was young and carefree, sittin’ on the floor
somet hing bad happened. I would sense it - I knew
I had no words or names but I could feel those midnight cats fuckin’ in the bushes. Or fightin’
all jumpy and nervy , all knowing and dumb
all soft and scratchy , all night.
midnight cats
time was - they were there but I didn’t really know.
submerged, submarine, underworldly things
grey dots, forms and feels brushing up against my brain pan during the long night
midnight cats

pic derek rogers

mt gambier night
mt gambier night. dark and light
wide open to the stars. bright satanic mills
houses I know the stories inside
different people. I know the stories around
back streets. back town. back roads
back state. back country. back world.
spiralling down and holding still
a holding pattern decades deep. I fall onto my feet so sweetly.
I know this night, mt gambier night
cold and clean . lights spill onto an empty street
I walk down the middle of the road
my footsteps keep me company
somehow, outside of the world.
mt gambier night
mt gambier night. decades later I drive by myself as I walk
I’m in the backseat on the right, stoned.
music shuttin’ the world out
booze keepin’ the lid tight
a sad carload, tryin’ to act natural, how would a car?
mt gambier night. back in it
waitin’ for me
in a holding pattern
I pick up where I left off

in no particular order…yell any of the following
and this guy said- this wise guy said
“ you bought the ticket you dont take the ride”
oh I wish I could see that ol’ gang of mine
we were uptight snobs but we had a game plan
all offence or defence. On or off
we held to our structures
not like this free for all that I’m stuck in now
where did our brain go?
you brought the ticket you didn’t take the ride
we thought that was so funny
never thought hat it would turn out to be true
bill, mad al, flea, leon, steve - before he was handsome
its even worse when you know how something works
when you know how something is supposed to go
you got dags
I want destruction on piano
dont change what you’re doing , change towns
give me 30,000 with every out!

I’m not the guy I tried to be
I’m not the guy I tried to be and tryin’ was
what I brought to the scene?
the wanting- to reach for so long
even when everybody knew it was hopeless
I saw my friends turn away, shuffle their feet and cough
I’m still standin’ here where I always have been
I’m not the guy I tried to be
now I have to find a new way to live
to move through the world
once I had so many futures
I was furious - goin’ forward
nothing held-I didn’t grab-nothing took
I’m standing here where I always have been
I’m the only one who knows how short I fell
I’m the only one who knows what I was jumpin’
in society I move where I can
inside I sit corrected
I’m not the guy I tried to be
I’m not the guy I tried to be









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