tony mahony - art



fearful wiggings


Released on Cockaigne , May 2014.


lyrics for the songs below



a woman skinnies up a man
when he sees he’s in her eye
in his eye she looks at him’
he pulls in his gut
straightens his back
combs his hair
tightens up his game
a woman skinnies up a man
before, he was all
“ why would you give someone half your tucker
to get the other half cooked?”
now he’s ramrod straight and combin’ his hair
and shaving
a woman skinnies a man up


everything was legendary with Robert
everything was legendary with Robert
he had reverberation happening
inside, at least
early reflections, oh yeah
this was the beginning of a new age
it was good when he talked to you
he really talked to you
he was always on
in the moment
everything was legendary with Robert
someday people would write about this
or that
his riveting self consciousness drew you in
a crowd gathered to see what he was lookin at
talkin’ about
everything was legendary with Robert
it wasn’t him or the times
it was just the angle he lucked into
the attitude
the window that came between him and the world
framed him in the world
everything was legendary with Robert

how can you get out of London?
how can you get London out?once its in you
there’s no escape, I tell ya
imagine if you were born there?
if you didn’t come to it from the outside
if you’d never heard of it
if you were of it
how can you get out of London?
Sir Walter Raleigh
Dr Alimantado
all the monuments and towers
the prisoner
running for a bus
you pass into it too
it swallows you whole - like a giant whale
how can you get out of London?
how can you get London out?
a life interrupted
you could’ve slotted in there
how can you get back on?
the wheel has kept turning

know you can’t see me
I’m hopin’ you might hear
thought of somethin’ - a song - in the shower
couldn’t hold pen or paper
it flowed from my mind - straight in and out
like a bird through the room
then - later - in the car
I got some of it back then almost lost that
is it happening? the long fade?
I know you can’t see me
you might lose focus - yourself
I know you can’t see me
back when I was drinkin’ etc
wish I could access that pathos
that was when I was drinkin’ ha!
I know you can’t see me
since I quit drinkin’
thats when it happened, yeah?
wish I could bring that drama
that bad feeling - that storm cloud
that hangover
then you could spot me
then you’d know

country roads, unwinding
down I go
my father came this way - my mother too
Max Harris’ heroic cry
“ on throwin a copy of the New
Statesman from the window
while driving along the Coorong”
comes to mind
country roads, unwinding
staring out the window
drivin into life - beatin back the miles
into the past again
into the future again
like before
goin’ up - goin’ down
foward - back
kangaroo tails by the side of the road
stickin’ up through the saltbush
father whatsisnames tree
I ain’t no farmer
unwinding country roads - harnessed
seat belted
calendar holding a life tight
dates and times
places to be
lookin out the window
shootin’ off into the sky


I’m the stranger in town
silly I know
that was how I looked when I left the hospital
I walk across the room to somewhere I don’t wanna go
with my cloak and dagger look
I don’t belong
I don’t feel right after all these years
I’m hangin’ back and listening
I rarely speak
I’m the stranger in town
stupid - I know
I should’ve grown up
I did - but wrong
I don’t wanna separate
I’d rather disppear into the crowd
is that weird?
I’m the stranger in town
people are used to me now
“ that’s Dave” they say
“ the stranger in town -
still” - smirk
with my hat and tall shoes
I don’t belong

flower of the earth

I could say the name of what ails me
you'd drop to your knees
you don't see me
you don't figure in my dreams
I'm on my high horse
I'm feelin’ good right now
I'm in a fight, understand?
I'm whippin’ it for now
I know the way I'm gonna go out
I've been there
I hate to lay it on you
why not?
I'm part of an elite
l’homme et la femme est la fleure de la terre
man/woman is the flower of the earth
its like the grim reaper
put his hand on my shoulder
in the woods and got distracted
I was an unfinished kill
40 years later
blood in a parisian bin
what was that?
my life was a gift
I should never have been there….
l’homme et la femme est la fleure de la terre
man/woman is the flower of the earth
think about it - your luck
then get back to me
get over yourself
get serious

look into my shades, babe
travel over the surface
travel those smooth black desert sands
I am mean, babe
I am mean and I have been hurt
I’ve got a right, babe
I’ve got a tight to be wrong
it’s not you, babe
it’s nothin’ to do with you
someone is gonna pay, babe
someone is gonna pay
I am gonna lay waste to someone’s little world
I am at war, babe
I'm a man on a mission
I am out to destroy something
I've been wandering the earth, babe
darkness everywhere
devastation, baby
it feels so funny to be talking to you
I built myself a surface so wide
no one would ever get around

fearful wiggings

here’s to the only one I know
the only one who knows me
her name is Clare - with no I
she’s here to chew gum and kick ass
all the shit I’ve written and you counted me in
like that song by Waylon - ain’t it true!
speedin’ our young lives away
you lookin’ at the back side o’ me
ain’t it true!
why such a bittersweet air from the
fresh prince of hilair?
haven’t you lived?
I rode my scooter of the train - the Bluebird
into the city traffic
it was like a situation comedy
I drank wine from your shoe
we kissed in the seaview
hey ain’t we met some dopes
ain’t we been silly too!
if nows not the time for tears
dunno when that is
we watched tv - we knew tv
always lived outside
had the door open wide
as above so below thats how we played it
hey this emotional stuff
peope eat it up
its sweet - can’t be good for us
you wrangled me - hey!
not in front of the men - jane!
didn’t one of us think to say
“ hey get the door will ya!”


pic tony mahony

je suis un autre (je est un autre)
remember that when one talks to one
write it on one’s hand
je suis un autre (je est un autre)
how did one get here?
how does one get out?
to where does one drive toward?
to where does one go back?
the steering wheel at one’s knees
pickin’ one’s nose
liftin’ one’s cheek
one is another (je est un autre)
one is being thought
one is another (je est un autre)
one is being
one is being held tightly
one is being thought
one is somebody’s story - somebody elses’ story
one is somebody’s myth - somebody’s reailty
dead on one’s feet - live on one’s mouth
punchy - hear the bell ring and one swings
still on one’s feet
rubber legs - rubber brain
can’t help thinkin’
je suis un autre (je est un autre)
to be and not to be

you were all wrong and I am right
when I said that, when I’m sayin‘ that
you laughed and looked away
you thought it was all over
today I feel like I have been painted by the artist Schiele
every joint is bent
elbows and knees are real raw
skin is loose and ruddy, eyes are cactus
painted out of a corner and
smack in the middle of the canvas
I feel like I have been written out
ground deep into the page and my story has been told
I could not know how I could end from this low position
a tune is not somethin’ I could hold right now
I’m all ears I can only listen
I’m all thumbs
my eyes are sliced into my face
doughy, itchin’ masss
my clothes are bandages
look! it’s the old Docklands wheel!



everything is perfect in it’s beginning
in it’s forming
and foaming
everything is perfect (mostly) in
it’s beginning
swallowing the future
eclipsing it with light
everything is right in it’s beginning
in it’s forming and foaming
in it’s explosion
it’s burst and gathering plume and rush

I was there
there was nothin’ to see
nobody had pointed
there were no walls there was no ceiling
there were no lighting effects
there was no soundtrack
there was no frame
it was a plain
I was there
I was there it was dark and grim and
hard to hear
I was there
nothing had been compressed
there was no room
there was no crew
there was no crowd
to see something, in a way
you have to be lookin’ for it
to find it - the pattern
what‘s the point of the boundless panorama
you’re in?
I was there, I was in on it
way inside, I knew, didn‘t I?
to see something, you have to be lookin’
you have to have a finger pointing
there was no map, no design
there was no story
there were no names
I was there




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