Tony Mahony lives and works in Melbourne. He has been the visual artist in charge of translating all things Dave Graney for the last twentty five years. He has been responsible for every album cover since "Lure of the tropics" as well as every single. He has also directed every video that Dave Graney and the Coral Snakes made as well as the short film, "Smile and wave" and the accompanying video for "your masters must be pleased with you" for the Dave Graney Show. He is also responsible for every photo session during the same period. He also collaborated with Dave Graney on the 1997 book about songwriting "It is Written, baby" and designed the cover for the 2011 Dave Graney memoir "1001 Australian Nights". . The covers of "the Soft'n'sexy Sound", "the Devil Drives", "the Dave Graney Show"as well as the re issued "Night of the Wolverine", "You wanna be there. . . . " and all the accompanying singles have been characterised by a meticulous hand drawn and coloured style. Tony eschews the Photo shop techniques that are responsible for most other cd artwork you see about the place, preferring the long, slow, hand drawn technique. He has made many other videos for artists as diverse as Stephen Cummings, the Black Sorrows, Rebeccas Empire, the Welcome Mat, Weddings Partys Anything, Renee Geyer, the late David McComb, Paul Kelly and Monique Brumby.
In 1997 Tony, Dave and Clare collaborated on a pilot for an adult tv show to be called "AO". Set in a mansion and based around the back room life of a disillusioned pop singer who wanders forlornly about his mansion while an endless party goes on elsewhere, running into guests who someone has invited to stay, two segments were filmed, one with American performer Henry Rollins and one with West Australian socialite and personality, Rose Hancock Porteous. The basic premise was to feature non mainstream people in a heightened, vivid atmosphere where they would be able to speak loudly and perhaps or the first and only time. It proved to be too hard to get through the incredibly sensitive and collaborative stage of talking it up through a network.
If you wish to contact Tony you can do so through this web site.

story about all the covers Tony has worked on from Double J

Tony Mahony's 2004 short film "RAY"- watch it here at VIMEO

Ray from Innit Digital on Vimeo

Music by Dave Graney and Clare Moore.

Tony Mahony at IMDB

In 2014 Tony directed the feature movie "THE MULE". Watch the trailer here...



A few words about yourself Tony?

"I grew up in Yarrawonga, the land of the freckled cleavage, "Australia's aquatic Paradise". I can remember only two truly artisitic events: the thirty year old Town Bullshitter, Ray Pritchard, riding his bike off the diving board; and Valda Paviovic shaving her pubic hair to match the GT stripes on her boyfriends' Monaro.
I could draw but in the country that's no particular advantage unless you were going to be The Signwriter. I made a Super 8 film when I was twelve called "the Bikie Gang in which a bunch of two wheeled hoodlums terrified the town. The film making part didn't really appeal that much, but I always hoped the story would really happen and Yarrawonga would get on the tv news. Sometime later it did, but failed to make the TV.
Also sometime later I became a signwriter, but not The Signwriter as the locals remained loyal to the peg legged alcoholic Ricky, who'd been doing it for years. He said to me, "it's a fickle business kiddo, they're all pricks around here..."Then added , pointing to his can of VB, "that's why you need something to fall back on." (I did end up getting some of his work though, due to his inability to climb a ladder).
A hundred jobs later and I'm a Director. Along the way there's been stills work, short films, TV shows, a book with Dave Graney, stacks of music clips and a couple of ARIAS. (The first I didn't find out about for three years and the second brought my flow of work to an absolute halt for six months) ."

The first live show you saw?
I was 13 and got into the Rock Isle (Mulwala) pop festival, under the fence. The act on stage was Greg Quill and Country Radio. They had cowboy hats and I was impressed. . . . everyone else was pissed out of their heads.

My idea of indulgence?
Having a chef who didn't mind me cooking about half the time.

The first Australian LP you ever bought?
The Ariel record with the auto production line picture on the inside. . . the bit about "the garden of frenzied Cortinas". Can't remember the name of the record though.

The one Artist who inspired you to be involved in visual arts?
Ed Roth.

Name your 3 favourite albums of all time?
Impossible but here goes: "A love supreme", John Coltrane. "Come fly with me", Frank Sinatra. "Suicide", Suicide. "Midnight Cowboy", soundtrack. "Gris Gris", Dr John. "Ascenseur pour l'schafaud", soundtrack by Miles Davis. "Masterpiece", the Temptations.

Favourite movie?
Again too hard, "Two lane black top". . . . but, "Midnight Cowboy". "Broadway Danny Rose". "Raging Bull". "The postman always rings twice". "Vanishing point". "Double indemnity". "Chinatown". "Manhattan". "Walkover"

Favourite book?
"Savage Night" by Jim Thompson-unputdownable, amazing finish. "Ham on Rye", Bukowski-relentless and really funny. "Dick Continos blues", James Ellroy.

The song you wanna hear when you get back from the pub, drunk?
"Superfreak"by Rick James.

If you won a whole lot of money, how would you spend it?
Continually collect great cars and other art.

What tv shows should be rerun?
"Get Smart", but it is! "Johnny Staccato" with John Cassavettes as a jazz pianist private detective. "Twin peaks", even just for Joan Chen and the backwards talkin midget. "my names McGooley" because I'm sure John Mellion was really drinking the beer and they had a character called "donk". A US rock show of the late 60's called "Somethin else". They used to have Steppenwolf on a lot. "the Gong Show" with Chuck Barris, he should be coaching St Kilda.

Given the ability to travel any where in an instant, where would you choose to live?
In Lisbon or any city in Italy or with stacks of dough in New York or San Francisco. Never in the countryside.

Who is your favourite novelist?
Jim Thompson.

Which painting or sculpture would you like to own?
Any of Frank Sinatra's works as featured in "a man and his art". A Philip Guston painting, "Friend to M. F. " or anything of his. A Frank Auerback painting called "Julia sleeping 1978" or anything of his.

Whats your favourite weekend treat?
St Kilda beating the stinkin' GST lovin' arses of Carlton in the AFL.

Preferred drink?
Tough one. Beer is great:the ONLY thing Tasmanians do well. Mexican beer is great, as is Belgian but out here it's like six bucks a bottle. Shiraz is great. Vodka martinis with two olives are very hard to beat, but so are good Margaritas, frozen or otherwise.

If you could be anyone else in the world who would you like to be?
Maybe a successful Italian Painter, one that can work anywhere and be on the money with each show. Not too marketed, but one whose public knows, expects and accepts. Like Enzo Cucchi or Mimmo Paladino or Jean Debuffet in France. The worst of all this art world stuff is, of course, the Poms. Damien Hirst and all those saps trying to be Malcolm McLarens. Art has many obstacles.