The soundtrack to Bad Eggs is out on Liberation Music.... It's a completely instrumental 20 track CD, save for the inclusion of "I'm gonna release your soul" by Dave Graney'n'the Coral Snakes . There is also a fair spray of dialogue shot through the whole piece to keep some of the noise that the music appears with in the story. (No sound effects though) It's all kept in the same order as the music rolls out in the film, some tracks having been expanded and others edited.
The CD also includes two film trailers and some footage of us working on the film in the studio.








This was the rather impressive picture that appeared on page 6 of the Australian, Rupert Murdochs national broadsheet. Fans of "Zoolander" will note that I am indeed shooting the photographer a "Blue Steel". Clare is working on a pensive Vogue of her own.




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