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: Once I Loved the Torn Ocean's Roar - 80s.90s Demos Vol2 : LET"S GET TIGHT : WORKSHY:



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New digital only album from Dave Graney and Clare Moore out October 10th ONE MILLION YEARS DC. Preorder here

dave graney memoir - WORKSHY out now on Affirm press

Dave Graney is up for some PARLOUR GIGS. It's a system or portal where you can book artists to come play in your PARLOUR - House - Apartment - back yard - shed - winery etc.You can organize a show here. If you don't have a PA it can still be done with Dave, an amp with guitar and mic. Very flexible.

ZIPPA DEEDOO WHAT IS/WAS THAT/THIS? 2019 album out on Compact Disc - available here via mail order... art by Tony Mahony

If you are from outside of Australia, please use this button to purchase a Compact Disc of ZIPPA DEE DOO WHAT IS/WAS THAT/THIS?

Access a ZIPPA DEEDOO WHAT IS/WAS THAT/THIS? digital album - iTunes - Apple Music - Google Play etc by clicking here


2018 memoir, WORKSHY out through AFFIRM PRESS.Click on the image to order a copy.

art- Tony Mahony


2017 Dave Graney and Clare Moore CD Let's Get Tight available at iTunes and Bandcamp now. Details here.


2014 Dave Graney solo album FEARFUL WIGGINGS- digital album available.

 NIGHT OF THE WOLVERINE -1993 Classic album available at bandcamp and itunes.

 LURE OF THE TROPICS - 1992 Classic wild live album available at Bandcamp (also CDs available) and itunes.

"Once I Loved The Torn Ocean's Roar - 80's/90s Demos Vol. 2" - 2015 dave graney
digital only release. Late 80s/early 90s demo recordings. Songs that were later peppered through albums all through the 90s. Dave Graney on acoustic guitar and vocals. Some with extra instrumentation, all originally recorded to four track. At iTunes now. Story of album here...At itunes

2015 dave graney
digital only release.1991 four track demo recordings. Seven of the songs ended up on Night Of The Wolverine two years later. Dave graney on acoustic guitar and vocals.

2015 dave graney and the mistLY
digital only live collection Play mistLY for me. Recorded around Australia through the last decade. Vol 1. Story of the album here...at itunes.

dave graney solo album Fearful Wiggings. Features Everything was Legendary with Robert, How can you get out of London? Flower of the Earth, Stranger in town and Country Roads unwinding. Story of album here...At itunes.

Clare Moore project The Dames - produced by Barry Adamson. Features All Mine and Auntie Aviator. Story of the album here...at itunes.

dave graney and the mistLY pop rock classic - You've Been In My Mind . Available on CD here and at Bandcamp. Features Flash in the Pantz, Mt Gambier Night, We need a Champion , I'm not the Guy I Tried To Be and Life's a Dream. Story of the album here...At itunes.

2010 Supermodified. dave graney and the mistLY
remixed/remastered collection of tracks originally released on the Brother Who Lived and Heroic Blues as well as many unreleased rarities. Available here and at Bandcamp digitally and on CD. Story of the album here...also at itunes.

2009 KNOCK YOURSELF OUT - Dave Graney
solo electro masterpiece. A lyrical storm. Available here and at Bandcamp digitally and on CD.Features Dylan the Indie Fake, It was Then or Never, 2068 Babe, Bodysnatcher Blues, I need my guitar. Also at itunes. Story of the album here...

- Dave Graney and the mistLY masterwork! Digital album at Bandcamp. All classics! Features Let's Kill God Again, I'm In The Future Now, Bring Me My Liar, Punk Dies, I like to be Haunted and You Had To Be Drunk. Story of the album here...also at itunes.

2006 Keepin It Unreal
. Digital at Bandcamp only. Some cds available at shows. Reworking of many graney classics through a vibes, 12 string and bass trio. Minimalist , semi acoustic set. Features You Put A Spell On Me, Who Of Us Two? Story of the album here... Also at itunes.

2005 HASHISH and Liquor. Dave Graney and clare moore
. Double cd, male/female. Duelling sensibilities. Features My Schtick weighs a ton, I Will Have Always Been Here Before, Saturday Night Bath, The Town Bike Song, Alphonsus Will get You, Tomorrow Inc.
Story of Hashish here. STORY OF LIQUOR HERE.Double album at itunes.

 2003 the Brother Who Lived. Digital only at Bandcamp.Up vibed rock album. Features The Brother Who Lived, Midnight To Dawn, All Our Friends Were Stars, I am Your Humble Servant, The Royal Troll. Story of the album here...Also at itunes.

2002 Clare Moore
debut solo cd. Features All Of Me, The Third Woman, Yes! Fat Chicks! The Second Hand man. Story of the album here...At itunes here.

. Billed as a "folk-soul" album. Features Don't Mess With The Blood, Son Of Maggie Mae, I Will Always Hate You, Leavin' the Mount, Heroic Blues and Eye Of The Vibe. Story of the album here...
Also at itunes.

2000 Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
. A pumping, brandy flavoured album. Features Drugs Are Wasted On The Young, Vengeance is In It's Way, I Need Some Scratch and Have You Heard About the Melbourne Mafia? Available at Bandcamp as 17 track digital edition. Story of the album here...Also at itunes.
1999 the dave graney show. First post Coral Snakes album. Follows on where The Devil Drives left off. Electro studio constructions and the new beat combo. Tight and wild. Features I'm A Commander, Lt Colonel Cavalry, Am I wearing Something of Yours? They Wanted To Be Players and I'm Gonna Do You Slowly. Story of the album here....at itunes.
Albums displayed above are the ones we have control of. There were Several albums and multiple singles and 12" EPs with the Moodists from 1980-87 and then roughly seven albums as Dave Graney and the Coral Snakes and Dave Graney and the White Buffaloes. Almost all are available on itunes.

YOU'VE BEEN IN MY MIND (2012 cd) rock'n'roll is where I hide"(2011 cd) SUPERMODIFIED"(2010 cd) KNOCK YOURSELF OUT"(2009 cd) and many others available here via PAYPAL.