Released on Reverberation, July 2005.

all songs written by David Graney. Copyright Control


there he goes with his eye out
Who’s that over in the corner with the tiny drink on his table?
Who’s that man with the pretty girls in his eye?
Such dark eyes Such a dark room
Who’s that over by the door?
Walkin’ in or walkin’ out with an ancient tune in his brain?
Such dark eyes Such a dark room
He’s thinkin’ about somethin'
Like a dog with a bone
He's ready to pounce
He never speaks
Such dark eyes Such a dark room
He sees things
He sees lotsa things
But he can’t see me over by the bar
He’s been so bad
He knows the tough life
He got his nose for free outside a pub in ’79
People believe him..people believe him
Such dark eyes Such a dark room
People can’t see him here
He can’t see me
He’s known luck
He’s seen it come and go
You gotta give it a shove every now and again
Such dark eyes
People believe him
But they hear what they want
He’s got a touch of the killer inside him about him
No one believes he could be so bad
He’s the sheriff
No one believes he could be so bad
Such dark eyes Such a dark room he carries around

my schtick weighs a ton
cos I ain't got one
that stuffs for jewish comics just after world war two
comin' on after the strippers
burlesque house style like you do
flippin' gags to guys with their strides around their feet
and hard ons jumpin in their hands
thats why my schtick weighs a ton
you have to have somethin' to protect yourself
some sort of mask
somethin' to hide behind
oh my schtick weighs a ton
I've been flyin' for so long
25 years I can't come down now
I got nowhere to come down to
whats down?
oh my schtick weighs a ton
I've been up for so long
I don't anybody around
wherever I am
oh my schtick weighs a ton
Its people
people got their schtick eyes on me

I wanna get lost again
I’ve heard its possible
Even though I know it’s late
I’ve been to a lot of places and met a lot of bums
Plank after plank
I walked
On my thumbs for somethin to do
I wanna get lost again
Somethimes it seems I’m on a open plain
And there is no shore
No ragin’ ocean
No mountains to climb
Other times it seems like I’m in a tiny room and there is no outside
That I can even imagine
I wanna get lost again
I want to go
I need someone tp pull me out of this dive
Or I need to find the juice myself
I need to build the scene around me again
Somethin I can walk into and slowly move towards a horizon
I wanna get lost again
I wanna get stoned
I wanna get scared
I wanns run towards somethin’
I wanna lose my way
I don’t wann know what you mean
Don’t know what I mean
I used to believe I was on my way, some way
I saw signs and omens
It was my luck turning the pages
Laying the road
I wanna get lost again

I will have always been here before
I am beyond you! mortal! I am beyond reach! jump!
run after my trail!
I'll double back and follow you
let you find me!
don't be silly! I will have always been here before
no matter how you travel…where you go
how hard you try to beat me to the punch
I will have always been here before
ta ra babe ….. ta ra pal…………oorooo squire
see ya……… on the other side
one day you'll see… I will have always been here before
then you will know me now
until then my love, I wait at the end of the road
the way is dark and the night is long etc etc
you will come to a forest clearing youu will see me then now
you will see me now then
I will have always been here before I will be folding a mirror…infinitely
in such a studied way
I must have done it a thousand times before

everybody's gone (from somewhere)
they are more there
than here
they are hardly here at all
only as a shape
halfway through the door
there's a place half way down the freeway
a place where they left
and in that place they sit and wait
everybody's gone
everybody's gone
(from somewhere)

sometimes you can see yourself

you know
its winter morning and you’re getting your boots on
theres so much to do
you don’t have the time to stop and see your self
you're deep into life
way inside
you’re heavily connected to the future
sometimes you can see yourself
mostly you’re just flyin blind
you know this when you catch yourself
when you see yourself through a window
you’ don’t know you’re there
you’re carryin on like nothins happening
like you’re by yourself
its funny
you feel you could leave yourself a message
sometimes you can see yourself
you can’t help it
you slip out of time
you don’t want to
but you do
sometimes you can see yourself see yourself
thats when it gets tricky
you rush back to what you were doin before


only the stoned can hear me
I'm speakin' so soft
my ideas got wings
I'm dealin' in spells
only the stoned can see me
I'm movin so slow
between the moments
I'm talkin' to them
besides what I'm sayin' therer's some other words
at a higher tone
that only the stoned can hear
I'm speakin' their jive
words that leap out of the speakers and lick the sides of their faces
only the stoned

Mr Bad Luck
he loves his bad luck / how much he's lost now
how low he is / it goes to show
how high he flew / how good he really is
you love your falling stocks / people snub you in the street
people you once took money from / to notice them in those same streets
he loves his bad luck/ its out of his hands now
all hope is gone / he's free at last
he loves his bad luck the way his teeth are fallin from his skull
he smiles a lot more now / he puts it in your face
how the mighty have fallen / how spectacular the drop
there he is! drowning in bad fortune / there he is! under his luck
you love your situation / its freed you up from so much choice
you're trapped in a great drama / a prisoner of love
fate has cast you for this role
only really you found the cage and locked yourself in ….in a way
you love your shame / you love to rub it in people faces it some kind a game
a role you were born to play
your gold tooth / your missing teeth
your bent nose and bad mouth / you ask people for a lift home
you get a thrill out of the way they gasp
yes its true / it becomes even more true with each telling
they talk away from the table / up in the presidential suite
how sometimes you see time / how luck is time that you see
well this fellow here is blind and he ain't got no dog
and he's lost his way and he's got to somehow just get across the street
and one time he flew first class
and pissed exactly where he sat
and why not?

lets live properly
like we’re stoned
lets take care of the situation
lets know whats goin’ on
that cup and that jug!
would they be really just sittin there like that?
lets pick up the pieces and clean up this mess
put it back together like it was never apart
lets do things exactly right one last time
lets set the scene liked we’d never touched anything
lets make it look right no one will ever know
that we are here at all
and how ratty we were feelin’
lets dot the eyes and cross the teats
like we’re stoned
lets pick up the pieces and clean up this mess
put it back together like it was never apart
lets do things exactly right one last time
lets set the scene liked we’d never touched anything
lets live like we’re stoned
lets do things properly
lets get into the moment
you know we could fall off


I've got dimensions…I'm only here for the beer and chicks…ha!
I've got a story to live out…I've got a tale to blow
I've got dimensions
Its just a part of me…just a part…just enough to make it real for us...and them
I've got dimensions…I've got time on my side
its different when you know how the story ends
when you've seen the shape of the sound
you can play it fast you can play it slow
people see that you know what you're doing
they think you're lying… its not real …but it is!
I've got dimensions….I don't have to be here
fuck you…… I've got dimensions….I'm just here for me!
I've got dimensions ………………I've got form
I don’t see nothin'…..I'm 1/2 way up here…far away from my birth
my country earth
I've been travelling …like you…up into my life
down there when I was young
not where you are I know…..
but I got to draw a map so we can make out we know which desert island we're above
I've got dimensions
you gotta understand …I get paid now for for what I did ….no, what I will do
well what I might do….. well what I might have done or what I could do…
the goin rate goin by what I have done…or even should have done…..cappice?

I've got dimensions…yes I am dimensional , baby
you know I felt the cold hand of death on my back
that’s why I'm running through you ….I got no fear of this world
because its passing through us and soon we'll be wasted and left outside the spot
we will be out…the world will be gone …….I know
I've got dimensions….can you feel it stranger?
yeah there were all these pete murrays and girls from sex in the city
and their australian idols and their st kildas and their new mini minors and their collingwoods and their melbournes and their tv remotes and their precious swinging votes and their late night shopping and their morning tv and their streets of bars their favourite new bars and their thoughts about running away or dying and their distressed jeans and their big day outs and their big brothers and their ten dollar Monday steaks and their tv channels and their dylans and bobs and their stones and cold plays and kurts and mobys and fatboys

I've got dimensions
I know stuff
I let my talkin do the talkin ………I can't help what you hear
I let my talkin do the talkin….I can't help what you see




saturday night bath
steam and heat electric light
the world is really happening down in the city
but I am here at my place
with my big toe in the tap and a wet cloth over my eyes
I am out of time, baby
I am fresh and rested now
tomorrow people will be madly reading the newspaper outside their cafes
looking for a life where they could lay down
one saturday night in a bath of hot water
and let the world world go by
I am irrelevant
I am just not there
I am here
I am not in the moment of the world
I am havin a moment of our own here in this house
in this part of the world
the trees black and swaying with the wind in the darkness outside
there's a dirt road leading to this house
I've stood in the field and looked across at the lights in the night
and wondered what it would be like to come across this scene
a saturday night bath stickin my leg out the side

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