Here are the chords of Dave Graneys album, "knock yourself out" (2009). It was a recording session that tried to avoid the practice and approach of knocking songs out in a verse chorus kinda way on an acoustic...


image by Tony Mahony

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knock yourself out (graney / moore)
Got no idea as to the chords for this. Clare Moore cooked it up on the keyboard. I added some fuzz guitar using the notes D, F and G at some parts.
it was then or never (graney / Graney-Thomas)
This is built around D7/9sus to E7/9/sus. I set off the drum machine and off we went. I play the wah and the octave guitar and the acoustic and Stu Perera plays the high stinging lead stuff. Stu Thomas plays that amazing pulsing bass line.
honky tonk rope a dope (graney)
The chords on acoustic guitar go Esus-Fmaj7-F#sus-Gmaj7-A-Amaj7-Bsusflattened5-C#. Add piano, baritone guitar/bass, electric guitar and fuzz.
bodysnatcher blues (graney)
This is in E7.
dylan the indie fake (graney / moore)
Again, Clare Moore recorded the music for this song. No idea of the chords. Its all keys. I added some fuzz.
I need my guitar (graney)
E-E7/sharp5-D#-A-A#-A-A#maj7-Amaj7-Gmaj7 -G-G#-G.
Dsharp5-Dsus/flat5 -Gm-A#-Gm-A# resolving on A.
I play the guitar and the bass and keys and Clare played drums.

sellout! (graney / graney-moore)
This is a discordant run from Esus and from A7sus.Clare Moore built up the rhythm from my guitar track and added the synthy bass and keys. Stu Thomas added the real bass. I played the wah and the fuzz, Stu Perera plays the mad, fusion type lead guitar.
throwin one into the world (graney)
I sang the words to an old drum track and then put the bass down and then the guitar and then the keys. Its all in E major.Stu Perera played the great r&b licks and sang on it.
so easy (graney)
Recorded this in 2003.I can't remember the chords at all. E sus I think to start with.I played acoustic and wah and harmonica. Clare Moore put the piano and rhythm down.
I don’t wanna go bush (graney)
This is from 2004. Its in G with a flat 5and moves to A with a flat five to D flat 5.
I played acoustic and bass and fuzz, Clare Moore put the drums down later.
Oakleigh Bowie blues (graney)
E maj7 to E with a flat 5 and then it moves like an R&b song.
I played electric guitar, piano and bass. Clare Moore had the difficult job of putting the drums down at the end.
2068 babe (graney)
Another song I have been wrangling since 2004.
Its in the key of D. I played bass, keys, all guitars and drums.



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