Here are the chords of Dave Graneys side, HASHISH. (2005)

This is part of a double set, accompanying LIQUOR by Clare Moore.

There he goes with his eye out
Mark started playing D and told me to descend from Eb down to C# and then B and then Ab and then G and D. Thats what it is.
My schtick weighs a ton
Greg Den Hartog wrote this. Its in F#maj7th and B.
Sometimes you can see yourself
F# to begin with, resolving on some sort of jazz E!
Everybodys gone (from somewhere)
E sus7th to A7sus and then E 7th sus to D7thsus.
The chorus moves from A6 to A7 to Amaj7th.
The actual chorus goes from Gmsus9 to Amsus9 to Bmsus9 and resolves on C#M to B to F#m7.

lets live properly
Written from a guitar part. An Echord that goes from a maj7th to a maj to a flat5.
The chorus goes from an Amaj7 to a flat5.


I wanna get lost again
A7sus6th to D7sus6th
Then a change to Gsus6th to 7th
The Middle 8 is Em7/9 to D 7sus.

I will have always been here before
The verse is D7/9.
The chorus is Amaj7 to Gsus9 twice and then Bsus9 to Csus9.
The rhythm is kinda latin.

Only the stoned
Starts on C to d to E. (With some open string weirdness of course)
Emaj7with a flat 5 to Absus.
Then to an E&flat5 to Fsus to Esus to D to G.

Mr Bad Luck
Dmaj7 to Amaj7 thre times and then to Esus.

I've got dimensions
Esus to Emaj7 to F#.
Saturday Night Bath
B to A to G/F#.



the accompanying album by Clare Moore ....LIQUOR?  
  the brother who lived ?