Clare Moore Discography

The Moodists
"Engine Shudder"Au gogo/ Red Flame, 1982. Tony Cohen (Birthday Party/Laughing Clowns/Bad Seeds).
"Thirstys Calling" Red Flame 1984. Victor Van Vugt.
"Double Life" Red Flame UK, 1985. Victor Van Vugt.
"Two Fisted Art" double cd retrospective (WMinc 2003)
The Moodists were contemporaries of the Birthday Party, the Laughing Clowns , the GoBetweens and the Triffids. In many ways they were the roughest of the lot and spent most of their career in the UK.

Dave Graney 'n' the White Buffaloes
"My life on the plains"Fire Records 1989 (UK), produced by Phil Vinall (Later to work with Gene/Placebo/Auteurs). Also has four tracks from the first ep produced by Barry Adamson. Contained songs by Gram Parsons, Fred Neil, Gene Clarke. Very late 60s singer songwriter in inspiration. In parts it predated much of the later American "alt country" sounds. By the time that had come along, Moore and Graney had moved well along the trail.

Dave Graney 'n' the Coral Snakes
"I was the Hunter and I was the Prey" Fire records 1990 , produced by Phil Vinall. These first two albums were realeased on Fire records. Label mates at the time being Pulp and the Blue Aeroplanes. The whole operation being funded by sales of the Spacemen 3 records.

"Lure of the tropics" Shock Records 1992. A wild, semi improvised rock'n'roll animal style set.

"Night of the wolverine" Universal Australia 1993/This Way Up 1996. Produced by Tony Cohen . First Moore and Graney record to be released by a large label in Australia.

"You wanna be there but you don't wanna travel" Universal , 1994. Produced by Tony Cohen. First Moore and Graney record to appear on a chart in Australia. Contained "Livin' out our tomorrow" the lyic co written by Moore and the instrumental "the confessions of Serge Gainsbourg" which was co written by Moore.

"The soft'n sexy sound" Universal , 1995/ This Way Up 1996. Produced by Victor Van Vugt (Just after he'd done Beth Orton's Trailer Park). A gold record for Moore and Graney. Contained Moore writing credits for "Morrison floorshow" and "Dandies are never unbuttoned".

"the Devil drives" Universal 1997.Produced by Moore and Graney. Recorded in Melbourne, mixed in London with David Ruffy and Kenny Jones. The most psychedelic , ambitious record released by the Coral Snakes. Their last. Moore wrote the opening instrumental "the oblivion seekers" as well as co writing the title track, "I love your gravity" and "feelin' kinda sporty". She also sang the duet "Pascal and Caroline" with Graney. This is the record where Moore really came to the fore in wanting to bust out of the role she had been filling in a band situation.
This whole 90's period was spent mostly in Australia, touring intensely (very difficult in a place so big and sparsely populated) and releasing an album every year.

The Dave Graney Show
"The Dave Graney Show" (Festival 1999). The first Dave Graney Show cd. Produced by Moore and Graney. Military in flavour, contained the marching psychedelic meisterwork, "I'm a commander!" (music co written by Moore). Other co written songs included "am I wearing something of yours?", "they wanted to be players" and "twixt this world and the next". All the instrumentation on these tracks was played by the increasingly studio savvy, multi instrumentalist, Clare Moore.

"Kiss tomorrow goodbye" (Cockaigne , 2000) The second Dave Graney Show cd. Now released in the UK and Europe by Cooking Vinyl. Produced by Moore and Graney. Contained "Don't be true" ,co written and sung by Moore. Other co written songs included "vengeance is on its' way" and "the big fella"( only with the "drugs" single).

THE THIRD WOMAN, Clare Moore debut solo album 2001.
clare moore- drums, keyboards, sequencing.
acoustic guitar and ebow by bill miller
acoustic and electric guitar - dave graney
cover art by tony mahony
guest vocals on "yes fat chicks" by Val Lvkowicz and Adam Rhodes.
All songs written by Clare Moore , (C) Mushroom Music, excepting “Parchman Farm” which is by Mose Allison
Engineered by Adam Rhodes and Clare Moore at The Ponderosa
Mixed by Bill Miller ,Leanne Ibell and Clare Moore at Pink Noise Audio
Mastered by Bill Miller at Duffield Kenihan

Produced arranged, written and played by Clare Moore

"Heroic Blues" (Cockaigne, 2001)
The third Dave Graney Show cd. Produced by Graney and Moore. A 'singer songwriter " type record. Contained "don't mess with the blood" and "eye of the vibe".
The soundtrack to the movie BAD EGGS, (Liberation 2003).The entire score written, arranged and recorded by Graney and Moore.
"The Brother who lived" by the Royal Dave Graney Show, 2003 on Cockaigne). Produced by Graney and Moore. Contained "Midnight to Dawn" and "all our friends were stars". The Post Moodists reformation rock action cd.

2003 saw the release of "two fisted art", a double CD compilation of material by the Moodists. Shows were played in Melbourne and Sydney in June.
The CD was released and distributed by Hot in Europe in May.
" Night of the Wolverine" (COCK010) was re-released, along with six extra tracks in July 2004).
2005 saw the release of Hashish and Liquor on Sydney label Reverberation. A double set with Graney taking one disc and Moore the other , (Liquor) .


Late 2006 saw the release of "Keepin' it unreal". An album credited to Dave Graney and Clare Moore...featuring Stu D aka le comte d'alucard. Again released on reverberation.
2008 saw the release of the album " We Wuz Curious" which was credited to the collective "Lurid Yellow Mist...featuring Dave Graney and Clare Moore".This being very much a collective effort in composition and execution.Contained the amazing “junk time” , music written,recorded and played by Clare Moore.

2009 - "Knock yourself out", released on Cockaigne through Fuse, has most instruments played by Dave Graney but has more than half the tracks with the music created and recorded by Clare Moore as well as guest turns from Stu Perera and Stuart Thomas.
2010 release -"remix compilation" -SUPERMODIFIED. 18 tracks, all remixed , re-sung,re-strung and replayed and remastered.
2011 – “rock’n’roll is where I hide”. Graney and Moore return to their 90s classics to re record them for Liberation.
2012 “you’ve been in my mind” . Dave Graney and the mistLY on Cockaigne.

2013 THE DAMES - The Dames - Cockaigne

Harry Howard and the NDE "PRETTY" (Spooky records 2013)

"THE MERCURY YEARS" 4 disc set of albums for Universal 1994-97.
"POINT BLANK" and "LIVE IN HELL" two digital only live narrative show albums 2013

FEARFUL WIGGINGS- Dave Graney (Cockaigne 2014)

play mistLY for me – digital only live release -  2015

dave graney - Once I Loved The Torn Ocean's Roar - 80s/90s Demos Vol. 2 - digital only release 2016

HARRY HOWARD AND THE NDE – Sleepless Girls  (CD Spooky 2017

2017 CD "LET"S GET TIGHT" – CD, Cockaigne.  Credited to Dave Graney and Clare Moore

March 2019 ZIPPA DEEDOO WHAT IS/WAS THAT/THIS? Dave Graney and the mistLY (Cockaigne) CD and digital release.

October 2019 digital album ONE MILLION YEARS DC – Cockaigne.  Credited to Dave Graney and Clare Moore

April 2020 digital album Dave Graney and Clare Moore IN CONCERT with Robin Casinader.

August 2020 digital album Dave Graney and Clare Moore with Georgio "the dove" valentino and Malcolm Ross.

Dave Graney and the mistLY - 2021 digital album - LYVE AT BYRDS

Dave Graney and Clare Moore 2021 album released on CD through Cockaigne. EVERYTHING WAS FUNNY.



Dave Graney and Clare Moore – IN A MISTLY – 2022 album released on CD through Cockaigne.






Clare Moore in the last days of the Moodists. Picture by Bleddyn Butcher

pic Tony Mahony

Clare Moores' debut solo cd "the Third Woman". Available from the swag section of this site.

Other recordings
Robert Forster , "I had a New York Girlfriend", 1995. Clare Moore drums and sings on the entire album.
Kim Salmon and the Business, "Record", 2000. Clare added keyboards and vocals to several tracks on this amazing work.
Clare Moore has also recently worked as a remixer, doing just that for "I will always love you" by Melbourne artist Philippa Nihill,released in 2001.
Work was also done on several tracks on the Sand Pebbles "Eastern Terrace" cd. Mostly strings and horns.Clare also appears occasionally with the Sand Pebbles live.

Occasionally Clare also played drums in Melbourne performer Stephen Cummings Rockabilly band.

Clare also recorded and performed during 2005-2010 with Henry Manetta and the Trip. A freaked out jazz/r&b band. Clare sang and played percussion.

Clare Moore also played vibes with the UKELADIES live and on their debut cd which came out in 2012.

Clare Moore also co-produced and recorded ( with Kim and Dave) , the Darling Downs two cds.

SALMON, played and recorded as one of TWO drummers (and seven electric guitars) in this seven guitar art hard rock project driven by Kim Salmon.

She also plays drums with Harry Howard and the NDE - with whom she has been involved in for Three albums.

Recorded Jane Dusts' first cd " a spray of red from the deep and played drums on the second, "a birds hourney" in 2011 and " Space Odyssey - part 1" in 2012.

Jane Dust leads The Routines, a band with Jane Dust, Emily Jarrett, Clare Moore and Will Hindmarsh. Debut EP out now.

Clare Moore also played vibes with the UKELADIES live and on their debut cd which came out in 2012.