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Here is a page with links for downloads , from the album pictured below as well as many other Dave Graney cds. Tracks can be digitally bought and downloaded from emusic, itunes, mp3.com.au, Rhapsody, Napster etc.....

REVERBERATION RECORDS is the label and the place where you can find out how and where to buy the new Dave Graney and Clare Moore cd.
Click Here to go to a page where you can buy the latest albums as well as many long unavailable gems from the JB HiFi online Dave Graney Artist Catalogue.

"Night of the Wolverine" is now available on Cockaigne . COCK010. The original 12 track cd in a different cover. There is also a "what happened next" element to the cd with a song from each of the the last three RDGS cds as well as Clare Moore's "third woman" cd as well as a new track from Robin Casinader and a french version of the title track of the cd taking it up to 18 tracks. It is available online now, or at your music shops.

Spike Priggen..."stars after stars after stars". New cd on Cockaigne. The first non Graney and Moore release on the label. An American classic by an American classis....and half the songs are written by English dudes.......

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NEW RDGS album.
"The Brother who lived". (COCK008) The brand new Royal Dave Graney Show cd, available from this site. This is a real Post Moodists 2003 sound. Ten SUPERSIZED songs. Cool Digipak sleeve.

Otherwise see your local record store.

"Heroic Blues", the 2001 Dave Graney Show CD. (COCK005)
Available from this site. Click here to purchase online.

Otherwise see your local record store.

The Dave Graney Show
Single on Cockaigne records
"are we goin’ too fast for love?"
Available exclusively from this web site

"Are we goin’ too fast for love ", a track from the highly acclaimed Dave Graney Show CD, "Heroic Blues" specially "tuned up" and released as an "AM/FM edition" single.
It comes with two songs from the Heroic Blues sessions, "While you dream, I live" and "I ain’t natural" and the "Heroic" version of the A side.
All packaged in a lovely handmade, silk screened cover. Limited edition only. Available only from this site. Click the image below.

Clare Moores' debut solo cd "the Third Woman". Available from this site .
Click here to purchase online.

Otherwise see your local record store.

"It is Written,Baby"
Click the image below to purchase online.

Dave Graneys book of lyrics and stories around his songwriting, (accompanied by deluxe images from Tony Mahony), "It is written,baby" , is also available in limited numbers.

"Lure of the tropics" . The legendary 1992 cd that shows Dave Graney'n'the Coral Snakes at their wildest, most improvisatory , raggedy assed best. Recorded at one show in Melbourne in 1991 with their last cd ("my life on the plains")being released two years before and the subsequent one ("I was the hunter and I was the prey") seemingly never to see the light of day and "Night of the Wolverine" still two years in the future, this is a recording of a band running on sheer bravado, guts and glory. Features the title track, a ten minute improvised, raging jam around an anonymous 19th century poem and the equally spontaneous "Jesus, what'd I do". This is a hell of a record and only available through this site.Mail Order AU$16.50 (including GST ) plus AU$3.50 postage within Australia and AU$10.00 outside Australia.

The items below are only available to be purchased by cheque or postal order.

art tony mahony

"Lure of the Tropics"
AU$16.50( inc GST)
Postage $3.50 within Australia and $10.00 outside Australia. (Not available for online purchase).

art tony mahony

art tony mahony

Items for sale via mail order.At the moment we have some t shirts,books,posters (of various sizes) and some cd singles. Any items can be signed if requested.

T Shirts are available in the following designs , (based on the respective album covers);

"Soft'n'Sexy" Surf style and Bonds style. ( Bonds Small = 49 cms chest by 71 cms length. Bonds medium = 54 cms chest by 74 cm length. Surf medium 54 cms chest by 70 cms length))
"King of pop" V neck and surf style . ( V neck small = 45 cms chest by 57 cms length. V neck medium = 47 cms chest by 60 cms length. V neck large = 50 cms chest by 61 cms length. Surf Small = 53 cms by 68 cms length.)
"the Devil Drives" Surf style only. ( Small = 51 cms chest by 68 cms length. Medium = 54 cms chest by 71 cms length. Large = 57 cms chest y 75 cms length)

Price AU$11.00 (inc GST) Postage AU$3.00 within Australia and AU$10.00 outside Australia.

Posters are available around the following album designs,

"Soft'n'Sexy" (also "the royal visit" tour)
"the Devil Drives"
These are available in large or small formats and are in colour.
Price AU&5.50 (inc GST) Postage AU$3.50 within Australia and AU$10.00 outside Australia.

(If buying a poster as well as another item this will require postage paid for both items as the posters must be sent in a separate tube. Please allow more for postage in general for multiple items)

Rare cd singles of "Rock'n'Roll is where I hide" with three other tracks are available for a short time.These come with a cover image of David winning the 1996 ARIA award in full wigged out peacock finery and index finger raised in "I told youse so" triumph.
Price AU$5.50 (inc GST) Postage AU$3.50 within Australia and AU$10.00 outside Australia.

PRICES (AU$, including GST)
T shirts $11.00
Posters $5.50
Books $11.00
cd singles $5.50
"Lure of the tropics" cd $16.50

Please make all cheques and money orders payable to "Wolverine Enterprises" and direct them to
PO Box 1036, Upwey,Victoria, Australia, 3158.