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Saturday November 11th at Fremantlkle Social Club. Dave Graney and the Coral Snakes Night Of The Wolverine 30th Anniversary show.


Story in the Guardian Australia about 30th anniversary Night Of The Wolverine tour.

ABC Double J special on NightOf The Wolverine.

Live review of a show on the tour in Franklin, Tasmania at the beautiful Palais Theatre.

Live review of a show at the Old Museum in Brisbane

Re-imagining of Night Of The Wolverine using Virtual Production technology by Donna McRae July 2023


The Australian Women in Music Awards is on soon and @clarecmoore is nominated for a Lifetime Achievement award


Story in the Guardian Australia about 30th anniversary Night Of The Wolverine tour.

ABC Double J special on NightOf The Wolverine.



Dave Graney Lyrics 1980-2023.

Everything from the Moodists to the latest albums and beyond. Includes  some descriptions of intent as to the song or music in question and also some notes as to production approaches and chords.

Book design is based on a classic French Éditions Gallimard NRF form of paperback. All text, no images. 374 pages.

Thanks to Simon Strong from Ekranoplans for help in editing and formatting.

You can only get the book via our Bandcamp page.

Dave Graney tour dates

IN A MISTLY 2022 album by Dave Graney and Clare Moore


EVERYTHING WAS FUNNY - 2021 album by Dave Graney and Clare Moore out NOW .
Photo by Kristyn Jones.


Saturday Night Bath. single by Dave Graney and the mistLY. At Bandcamp now and iTunes and other portals.

art Tony Mahony
digital only album LYVE AT BYRDS
February 2021
At Apple Music and everywhere else.

DAVE GRANEY AND CLARE MOORE WITH GEORGIO "the dove" VALENTINO AND MALCOLM ROSS . 17 track album recorded in London and Hull out September 2020.

Dave Graney tour dates  

DAVE GRANEY AND CLARE MOORE IN CONCERT WITH ROBIN CASINADER - the first of three live album collections from the vaults. the first is a deluxe vibes, mellotron and guitar set from early in 2020, just before the shutdown. Out in May.




Dave Graney appeared in a cameo toward the end of the last episode of MAD AS HELL on ABC tv. Watch it back here.

Clip made for POP RUINS from ONE MILLION YEARS DC by NZ artist Delaney Davidson.

ONE MILLION YEARS DC is the title for the new album credited to Dave Graney and Clare Moore. 11 tracks recorded and mixed at the Ponderosa in Melbourne.

Digital album with Clare Moore - ONE MILLION YEARS DC. At Apple Music here



There was a SPICKS AND SPECKS 90s special on ABC TV Feb 23rd featuring Dave Graney and the Coral Snakes in a special segment.

Dave Graney and Clare Moore were guests on the Conversation Hour at ABC MELBOURNE June 2019.Listen back here.

May 2019 CD

Story of the album here....





ZIPPA DEEDOO WHAT IS/WAS THAT/THIS? (The title comes from the chorus of “Song Of Life” ) is a classic rock’n’roll album. Classic if you lived through what has become known as ”the classic rock era” as it rolled out new and even broke onto the beachhead and morphed into punk. That’s the direction Dave Graney and Clare Moore have always been coming from. They have spent their lives schooled by and immersed in rock ‘n’ roll culture. Neither attended higher education and they dived in deep and kept swimming. From the Moodists through the Coral Snakes /White Buffaloes to the mistLY

This is an album with their band, Dave Graney and the mistLY. Stuart Perera has played guitar with them since 1998 and Stu Thomas on bass since 2004.

MARCH 2019
May 2019 CD

Story of the album here....

ZIPPA DEEDOO WHAT IS/WAS THAT/THIS? 2019 album out - available here via mail order... album available at our Bandcamp page either as a digital copy or a Compact Disc. Art by Tony Mahony

Review of ZIPPA DEEDOO WHAT IS/WAS THAT/THIS? at the i94bar. (A site usually tuned into all things "Detroit/Birdman/Stooge-ish")
It’s self-described “classic rock” but don’t expect Journey or Van Halen to spring out of the speakers. “ZIPPA” is in-the-pocket, pop-rock played by a well-drilled ensemble. Drumming national treasure Clare Moore, consummate bassist Stu Thomas and jazzy guitarist Stuart Perera have been in more trenches together than the cast of “Hogan’s Heroes” and Graney’s respect for stylistic boundaries is on a par with Nancy Pelosi’s affection for Donald’s pipe-dream Wall. 

Dave Graney "Under The Grill with Mikey Cahill" at the Herald Sun.

Great review of ZIPPA DEEDOO WHAT IS/WAS THAT/THIS? in Your Music Radar by Brian Parker.

"This is your Guernica, your Imagine, your XYGTHO Phase 3, your Raging Bull. Everything you have created before has culminated in this true masterpiece of recorded music. Life, Death, Pathos, Humour, Groove and above all Aplomb = Zippa Dee Do what is-was that-this? Congratulations to you, Clare and the mistLY and thank you for an album that will be on regular rotation in my shack for the remainder of my days".
Grame Tressider

Great Review of the album in Music Trust by Noel Mengel.
"You can dip in almost anywhere into the vast Graney catalogue and find something deeper and more satisfying than the pop fizz of the day. But if you are starting out, this album and attending a Graney gig on an extensive Australian tour in the next few months is an excellent place to begin".
Noel mengel -

"Excellent writing on the album by Bob Osborne at Analogue Trash Radio".
Time for a new album from Dave Graney and Clare Moore
The opening slinky blues pop of “Baby I Wish I’d Been A Pop Star” marks another leap forward in the Dave Graney and Clare Moore canon. This time with the two Stu’s – Perera and Thomas – collectively as The MistLy – they have produced a classic album for the end of the second decade of the 21st century. An album of eight songs in thirteen versions takes elements of the previous album and run of digital singles and develops them into something recognisable, but also uniquely modern, and, of course “Graney”

"With ZIPPA DEEDOO WHAT IS/WAS THAT/THIS?, Graney set out to make a BAND album this time around and the MistLY revel in the creative freedom of tracks like Is That What You Did?, an eight minute-plus opus executed in the spirit of the great jam bands such as The Allman Brothers and Grateful Dead. Credited to all four band members, there’s a sense of space in the song which allows the band to explore some wonderful musical ideas, taking great advantage of the opportunity to lay down some tasteful, complementary licks.
Where’s My Buzz? is another stretch out exercise, a cruisy, yacht-rocker clicking in at over seven minutes in an orgy of guitar chords. A lot of chords, a lot of questions marks. Could Dave have been a Better Pop Star is another question he ponders in the album opener Baby I Wish I’d Been A Better Pop Star. (see video clip below) What is good pop star etiquette? Where’s the rule book?
Dig deep into Zippa Deedoo and you’ll find various rock ’n’ roll culture nods and winks. However, a more conspicuous homage is the track Ultrakeef. (see video clip below) A Honky Tonk Women-style cowbell beat propels the track along as Dave bullet-points the life of Stones’ legendary guitar hero Keith Richard. Your Masters, a track originally written and recorded in 1998 is re-recorded and mixed this time by Henry Wagons and features a warm 70s west coast flavoured guitar-jangle and includes an equally sweet, old fashioned, genuine guitar solo. Song Of Life contains the album’s title within its lyrics and is a luxurious, lounge-style groove, another track which the band are looking forward to riffing out live.
Eight new songs are offered on Zippa Deedoo, with five of them repeated in re-imagined form totalling 13 tracks in over an hour and seventeen minutes of classy, MistLY fare. Dave, Clare and band head out on the road over the coming weeks to give this album a workout on stage, where I can see some of these tracks taking on a life of their own
Greg Phillips Australian Musician


Interview with Dave Graney at the Byron Shire Echo.


All the details on ZIPPA DEEDOO WHAT IS/WAS THAT/THIS? at this page...


Night Of The Wolverine, 1993 album by Dave Graney and the Coral Snakes made Double J's top 50 Australian albums of the 90s.

The Melbourne (and international) music community has been saddened by the passing of piano player and singer songwriter Conway Savage, who played with Dave Graney and Clare Moore as part of THE WHITE BUFFALOES through 1989, before he left to join Nick cave and The Bad Seeds for a thirty year stand as keybaord player. Dave Graney blogged about it here.

Very recent interview here with Dave Graney by MATT RYAN for his fanzine. MUNSTER.

A recent interview with Dave Graney on songwriting by Kate Rae here.

A nice overview of the Moodists from FAST AND BULBOUS online magazine.

We have vinyl copies of our 1989 album (thats when it was recorded) available at our shows. We found a box or two in a London warehouse.

A fantastic interview with Dave Graney on ABC Radio National by Sarah Kanowski, recorded Feb 23rd in Brisbane. Stream it or download it here.

A great review of WORKSHY here.

Musician Andy Jans Brown reviews WORKSHY.

Podcast interview with Stewart Lee. He is always brilliant and perceptive and FUNNY. Towards the end, he talks about the Moodists and Dave Graney

Upcoming shows

Dave Graney is up for some PARLOUR GIGS. It's a system or portal where you can book artists to come play in your PARLOUR - House - Apartment - Ranch etc.
Click the image for more details.

You can also contact Dave Graney DIRECT and sort out an event.

Dave Graney and Clare Moore worked on the soundtrack for the Donna McRae film LOST GULLY ROAD. A horror/ ghost story.They prevously worked on Donna's film JOHNNY GHOST

A podcast with Barry Divola about music Dave Graney liked as a kid growing up and into his teens


Photos from the March 2017 Dave Graney and the Coral Snakes show at the Adelaide Festival.

Dave Graney streaming/Podcast interview at Double J about a song that influenced him. Caroline Tran talks with Dave Graney about Television's Little Johnny Jewel.

Photos from March 2017 show by Dave Graney and the Coral Snakes at the NGV in Melbourne


Bob Osborne writes about dave graney and the mistLY playing in London May 2016.

Trust the Wizards - a podcast describing the ATP Festival at Pontins in April and making sense of Dave Graney for newcomers- by a couple of newcomers.

God Is In The TV online zine covers Dave Graney and the mistLY , among many others, at ATP Pontins, April 2016.

An interview in an Edinburgh online site April 2016

Podcast (one hour or more) of recent APRA conversation with Dave Graney and Lisa Gerrard).

A TWO HOUR podcast interview by David Cox in Sydney late 2015. Going over all things Grane- Moodists/Coral Snakes and mistLY. Thanks David!

Interview with Dave Graney in Melbourne Magazine ahead of recent Dave Graney 'n' the Coral Snakes show

Q/A with Dave Graney July 2016 from Whats My Scene?

Some photos from the show by Carl Neumann at Scene.

Clip of a Recent radio session by Dave Graney 'n' the Coral Snakes in melbourne



pic Jonathan Anderson

Amazing "letter" published online where a young fellow writes about Dave Graney.


Interview by Chris Hollow with Dave and Clare about the Coral Snakes 2015 shows from Fairfax Media

Story from ABC LATELINE tv about the 2015 Dave Graney and the Coral Snakes shows by Hamish Fitzimmons.

Great photos by Mandy Hall at Whats My Scene? of Dave Graney and the Coral Snakes Melbourne shows.

Just as good shots by Barry C Douglas for the DWARF from the 2015 Melbourne Coral Snakes shows.

Dave Writes on getting the Coral Snakes back together for the 2015 shows

Photos from a June 2015 show by dave graney and the mistLY in Sydney.





Banana Lounge Broadcasting is a weekly show (12-2pm on Tuesdays) by Dave Graney on Melbourne's Triple R radio station. There is a facebook page


Banana Lounge Broadcasting

The show can also be heard at any time via the Triple R "on demand player"


Free download - 15 minute track from the 2007 art show/happening THE BEWDY OF SPEED. Dave Graney and the mistLY joined by Penny Ikinger, Plutonic Lab and Joe McKee run through Miles Davis In A Silent Way.

DIGITAL ALBUM at Bandcamp now. Early 90s demos

Night Of The Wolverine available in an expanded edition via itunes. Contains seven demo recordings from 1991 by Dave Graney, recorded on a four track.

A top shelf review of a recent Dave Graney and Clare Moore show in Adelaide, written by noted wine writer Philip White at his blog.

2015 digital only album out now Play mistLY for Me .... 14 tracks recorded live over the last five years in different rooms.Available from Bandcamp. More details here Available at Bandcamp and itunes.....

Great review of play mistLY for me from Bob Osborne in Salford

"There’s a fine mix of recent and back catalogue material here with a good nod towards Coral Snakes era tunes. The “audience” feel of the recordings does give a sense that you are actually there in the room enjoying the laid back ambience of the proceedings. The arrangements are both fascinating, effortless and rich giving a new life to a lot of the compositions. The sequencing of the material allows for a seamless listening experience, in some instances the transitions between the songs are little works of art in their own right with a feel of the tone poems of Miles Davis on “Get Up With It” in one instance.  The occasional witty inter-song commentary is worth the price of admission alone.

The highlight for me is a funky stroll through a complete reconstruction of “The Stars Baby, The Stars” which takes an already excellent song to a completely new place."


Literary focussed interview with dave graney from THE QUESTING BEAST - a site based in Wales.

Dave Graney and Clare Moore undertook a short tour of New Zealand recently. Whilst there, they did an interview and live session with Emma Smith at Radio NZ.


"DAVE GRANEY FEARFUL WIGGINGS (Fuse) *****If I've learnt anything in my years of writing about music it's that if you are going to do anything of worth in this tough game, you better have your own thing. Today's generic is easily replaced by tomorrow's. And yet you need to be flexible, to follow wherever the songs demand. In the case of this, only the second credited as a solo album among 30 or so Graney releases, it's a curious yet welcoming lane he walks you down, with acoustic guitars, not much percussion, vibes, smooth sounds. At the end of it you feel like you've awoken from a strange yet pleasant summer's dream. As shot by Luis Bunuel. It ranges from off-kilter reveries (A Woman Skinnies Up a Man, The Old Docklands Wheel) through to the softly seductive (How Can You Get Out of London) and the downright arch (Look Into My Shades, Everything Is Great In The Beginning.) This is music that is neither folk, nor blues, nor country, but it's all Graney, somewhere out to the left field beyond Lee Hazlewood's raised eyebrow. It's astringent on the tongue but sweetens in the telling. Noel Mengel - Brisbane Courier Mail

2014 solo album from Dave Graney , FEARFUL WIGGINGS. Begun early in 2013 and vocals recorded with Lisa Gerard (Dead Can Dance) at her studio in rural Victoria. Most instruments played by Dave Graney with Clare Moore on percussion, drums and vibes and also UK guitar genius Nick Harper on two songs. A single will be released in early 2014. Its quite pop. Begun with acoustic guitar tracks. A singer songwriter record in some ways.

Here is a page with the story of FEARFUL WIGGINGS

Story about FEARFUL WIGGINGS from Australian Musician Magazine

Tracks on FEARFUL WIGGINGS include A woman skinnies a man up, everything was legendary with robert, how can you get out of london? flower of the earth, country roads unwinding, I was there, look into my shades, I'm the stranger in town, I know you can't see me, everything is perfect in it's beginning, fearful wiggings, je est un autre, the old docklands wheel.


Dave Graney | 



2012 one-off digital single available via itunes
or the full quaity AIFF via bandcamp

full transcript of interview in spring 2012 issue of RHYTHMS magazine

an interview with dave from an online brisbane magazine

a live review from the same writer and magazine- OFFSTREET PRESS

dave graney talks with Richard Fidler on the CONVERSATION HOUR - June 2011- audio

Patricia Maunder reviews Dave Graney's new memoir 1001 Australian Nights on radio nationals BOOK SHOW. - audio

video of dave graney reading vladimir mayakovskys's "brooklyn bridge" as part of a group of people reading "great speeches" at the Wheeler cenrtre in melbourne

great review of Rock n roll is where I hide from TINY MIX TAPES (US)

Podcast of a late June 2011 hour long interview with Dave Graney by Richard Fidler.Broadcast nationally on local ABC radio.

Stewart Lee writes about his favourite albums in the Quietus

1000 word interview ith Dave Graney by Andrew McMillen

Interview with Dave Graney at CRIKEY-Part1

Part 2 of Crikey interview

Page of reviews for 1001 australian nights

2011 CD on LIBERATION-currently unavailable

Get the album from itunes here.


2011 saw the release of "1001 australian nights", a book by Dave Graney on Melbournes AFFIRM PRESS.Billed as a "memoir" It concentrates on Dave Graneys life as an artist and performer.Not so much a personal slant but everything gets all mixed up along the way.

Available here via PAYPAL $35.00 inc postage in australia.
For Overseas post please use this button below (extra postage)

Art by Tony Mahony.

1997 book of all CORAL SNAKES era lyrics with amazing photos and artwork by Tony Mahony. "it is written, baby" - 1997 book of all Coral Snakes era lyrics with amazing imagery by Tony Mahony. Available at our Bandcamp page.


Dave Graney online blogs.

"rock'n'roll is where I hide", released simultaneously with the book, in April 2011.This album was on Liberation and was a full on rock'n'roll album recorded at Soundpark in Melbourne by Dave Graney and the Lurid Yellow Mist and mixed by Victor Van Vugt in New York City.(Victor left Australia with the Moodists in 1983 and returned briefly in 1995 to co produce "the soft'n'sexy sound".
The album was a re recording of all the following songs which have lived on and grown bigger and different in their live set over the last decade and a half...Its an album about the songs and the band.

1 rock'n'roll is where I hide 7:20
2 night of the wolverine 4 7:18
3 feelin' kinda sporty 3:19
4 I'm not afraid to be heavy 3:53
5 man on the make 4:07
6 apollo 69 4:44
7 birds 'n' goats 3:58
8 I'm gonna release your soul 3:34
9 the sheriff of hell 4:38
10 three dead passengers in a stolen secondhand ford 3:42
11 pianola roll 3:12
12 the stars,baby 3:42
13 we don't belong to anybody 4:26

Dave Graney 2011- pic Kristyn Jones

A short bio of Dave Graney and Clare Moore

You can find all manner of Dave Graney interviews and reviews HERE.

Links to Davids' favourite writers, musicians , political groups etc can be found HERE.

Upcoming live dates and recent live reviews can be found HERE.

You can find all the RDGS, Dave Graney Show, Lurid Yellow, Knock yourself out lyrics HERE. (The Coral Snakes period lyrics are collected in a fine bound book with many illustrations by Tony Mahony. This can be purchased from HERE. (Clare Moores' "Third Woman" CD is also available for online purchase , as is "Heroic Blues "and also "Lure of the tropics , some t shirts and also posters.

You can find Davids' crude attempts to descibe his chords and songwriting HERE.

The Moodists lyrics can be found HERE.

MC Bits- the third Dave Graney narrative show performed at the Butterfly Club. this time, just Dave Graney and Mark Fitzgibbon on piano.

Dave Graney presented the follow up to the acclaimed narrative show "Point Blank" at the Butterfly Club in Melbourne from 26th to 28th March 2009. This was again presented with Clare Moore on percussion and also Stu Thomas on fuzz bass and Stu Perera on guitar. It was called "Dave Graney- LIVE IN HELL!". A second season was undertaken in October 2009. Four nights at the Butterfly Club.
These narrative shows are the most intensely performed and drilled of shows. All the skills are used in this type of a performance. Autobiographical in nature yet mythological in tone. These ae events outside of normal albums and gigs . These are something else.

Stu Thomas has also recorded another album as a bass player in Kim Salmon and the Surrealists. Released on Low Transit Industries in 2010.

Click here to see "the Endeavour-TRON". An idealized dream home as imagined by Dave Graney and Clare Moore and architect Terence Nott.



"WE WUZ CURIOUS" , 2008 album released by the Lurid Yellow Mist...featuring Dave Graney and Clare Moore.


you had to be drunk (dave graney)
I come from the clouds (dave graney)
lets kill god again (dave graney)
junk time (dave graney/clare moore)
I like to be haunted (dave graney)
only passin’ through (dave graney/mark fitzgibbon)
I’m in the future now (dave graney/stu thomas)
bring me my liar (dave graney)
I was a country boy (dave graney/stuart perera)
I needed someone to find me (dave graney)
punk dies (dave graney)
crime and underwear (dave graney)

The Lurid Yellow Mist
Stuart Perera, electric guitar
Stu Thomas aka Stu D , bass guitar,vocals
Mark Fitzgibbon, keyboards
Clare Moore, drums, keys, percussion, vocals
Dave Graney acoustic and electric guitars, organ,
Eight of the songs were recorded on September 2007 at Sing
Sing South in Melbourne.
Engineered by Adam Rhodes.
Four of the tracks , “crime and underwear”, “punk dies”,
“I needed someone to find me” and “junk time” , were recorded
at the Ponderosa with Dave Graney and Clare Moore playing
all of the instruments.
Stu D played some bass on “punk dies” and Elizabeth McCarthy
and Jane Dust sang on “junk time”.
All the songs were mixed by Dave Graney and Clare Moore at
the Ponderosa.


WE WUZ CURIOUS COMPLETELY SOLD OUT as a physical cd.Available at Bandcamp

available at itunes

In November 2007 there was a special event at the Victorian Arts Centre, curated by Dave Graney. "the Bewdy of speed" , it was a one hour happening featuring the Lurid Yellow Mist, Penny Ikinger, Plutonic Lab and Joe McKee ( 25% Snowman).Visuals were provided by Sydney libertarian thinktank/ underworld film and culture archivists and djays Jamie and Asper Leonarder aka Jay Katz and Miss Death aka the Sounds of Seduction aka the Mu-Meson Archives.
More here......
The title refers to the pre WW1 Futurist Manifesto.

Here is a clip on Youtube from THE BEWDY OF SPEED where Dave Graney and the Lurid yellow Mist were joined by Penny Ikinger , Joe Mckee and Plutonic for a run through of Miles Davis' "in a silent way".The clip goes for 8 minutes. Here is part two....

poster by Tony Mahony



Shortly before Stu D aka Stuart Thomas aka le comte d'alucard left for a European tour with Kim Salmon and the Surrealists in 2006, he recorded an album with Dave Graney and Clare Moore. This is the 12string, vibes and bass sound that they had been playing with all year. Songs include a cover of Suicide's "Diamonds fur coat champagne","you put a spell on me" (written with Matt Walker and recorded by him in 2000) , "parchman farm" by Clare Moore as well as the following songs re recorded and re interpreted in the new super shimmering, acoustic sound...

Lt Colonel, Cavalry
am I wearing something of yours?
a million dollars in a red velvet suit
biker in business class
there was a time
the stuff that night is made of
vengeance is on its way (don't worry)
everybody's gone (from somewhere)
a lot to drink about
anchors aweigh
lets live properly (like we're stoned)
Who of us two? (Originally "Qui de nous deux?" by French artist "M")

This album is called "KEEPIN' IT UNREAL" and is available via this site (Paypal) and via itunes.


hashish and liquor....

read here about this creative high........
The Ponderosa
A day in the life of the Graney 'n' Moore Recording and living Compound.
Click the image below..

You can find Davids' crude attempts to descibe his chords and songwriting HERE.

The Moodists lyrics can be found HERE.

Stu Perera- Stu D- Cocos islands 2007

Dave Graney released a solo album in June 2009. It is called "Knock yourself out".Described as an "electro boogie" record. Most instruments played by Dave Graney with Clare Moore cooking up some synth out grooves and Stu Thomas stepping up for some bass grooves on a couple of tracks. Stu Perera also appears. Still, it is deemed a solo record and is out now These are the tracks ...

1 knock yourself out (graney / moore)
2 it was then or never (graney/ graney- thomas) )
3 honky tonk rope a dope (graney)
4 bodysnatcher blues (graney)
5 dylan the indie fake (graney / moore)
6 I need my guitar (graney)
7 sellout! (graney / graney-moore - thomas)
8 throwin one into the world (graney)
9 so easy (graney)
10 I don’t wanna go bush (graney)
11 Oakleigh Bowie blues (graney)
12 2068 babe (graney)




Dave Graney, Clare Moore, Stu Thomas- Brixton 2008- pic dave western


Stuart Thomas (aka Stu D aka Count Dracula) is the new bass player in the mistLY. He follows Adele Pickvance. Who followed Gordy Blair. Who co chaired with Andrew Picouleau. Who followed Gordy Blair and Chris Walsh. Who followed David McClymont. Who followed Chris Walsh.
All these bruisers (sorry Adele) are tough acts ...has Mister T got the ticker? Read on.....

A recent show by the Moodists in Melbourne once again saw the aristocrats of the underworld come out to check out something real and scary. The band scared themselves . Here are some reports from this rare sighting

Mick Geyer, friend and former manager of Dave Graney 'n' the Coral Snakes, passed away on the 13th April 2004 and was buried in the town he was born and gew up in, Sunbury, Victoria. Dave Graney has written a brief story about Mick Geyer HERE.


The Moodists Compilatio ,"two fisted art" was out on the on the WMinc label . It is a wild two disc affair. 19 studio tracks fro the 1980 - 1986 life of the band and then 16 live tracks on the other disc. These live tracks were perhaps the main spur for putting the cd out. All unreleased and most never recorded, they capture the band in great sound in three distinct periods. These are in 1982 at the Sedition Festival in Sydney (Mick Turners first gig with the band), 1984 in Melbourne ( Mick Turners last gig with the band) and 1985 in London. All the tracks were selected by Steve Miller , David Graney, Clare Moore ,Chris Walsh and Mick Turner and the WMinc label is run by Steve Miller and Graham Lee. Not many reissues happen in such an in family/ in house manner. This compilation happened because we all wanted it to and felt that the music deserved another listen. Most had never been been released in Australia and all of it had never been released on CD at all.Available on itunes.

There has been much updating of the Moodists section of the site, with a new bio entry and several new pages of pictures and reviews from the 80's period. There are also some pages of peoples views of the times. People who were there commenting on the scene from todays perspective.

David Graney tries to explain where the Moodists songs were comin' from , here....

Reviews of "two fisted art" can be seen here. What the papers were saying in 2003.

Clare Moore writes about her first concert experience. The Rolling Stones , Adelaide, 1973.